Our Team
Value Create members have in-depth industry experience in numerous areas ranging from the Internet to mafufacturing.
Akira Sato
Country / CityJAPAN / Tokyo
CompanyValue Create
ServiceIndustry and corporate research in Japan
Profile Mr. Sato has over 20 years of investment research experience as industry and corporate analyst. Mr. Sato is a founder and managing partner at Value Create, Inc. Earlier Mr. Sato was head of the capital goods team at Financial Research Center, Nomura Securities, as well as the Senior MD, Chief Analyst and Head of Research at an IT research house. Mr. Sato was ranked Number 1 for overall sectors in 1995 (e.g. The Analyst of the Year) at Nikkei Analyst Ranking and ranked number one for Shipbuilding & plant engineering sector analyst for more than 6 consecutive years at Nikkei and Institutional Investors Magazine.
Chako Ando
Country / CityU.S.A. /Silicon Valley
CompanyCando Advisors
ServiceBusiness development, strategy and market research in Silicon Valley
Profile Ms. Ando has over 25 years of consulting, startup, investment banking and capital markets experience. Since 2002, Ms. Ando advised both U.S. and Japanese companies on their funding, alliance and go-to-market strategies. Ms. Ando was the Chief Operating Officer of Fitech Laboratories, cross-border software startup based in San Francisco and Tokyo. Earlier, she was a VP in the M&A department of Daiwa America; manager of a venture capital investment fund for the Industrial Bank of Japan; and a VP of credit control with Sumitomo Bank Capital Markets.
Yukiko Yoshimura
ServiceBusiness research, financial valuation for corporate turnaround specialists and evaluation of M&A targets.
Profile Ms. Yoshimura has extensive business experience including 5 years at a senior managerial level in Nomura Securites, NETPRICE and Cyber Agent, which have strengthened her financial and strategic outlook. Ms. Yoshimura holds an MBA (with distinction) from Manchester Business School (U.K.), which is ranked by the Financial Times as one of the leading business schools in the world. Since completing her MBA, Ms. Yoshimura has been based in the U.K. and has been working on a wide range of consultancy based projects such as market analysis, financial valuation for corporate turnaround specialists and evaluation of M&A targets. Ms. Yoshimura is also involved in business and finance translations between Japanese and English.
Toshiyuki Abe
Country / CityThailand / Bangkok
CompanyASEAN JAPAN Consulting Co.,Ltd.
ServiceMarketing consultant, Thailand investor, Thai market researcher
Profile Spent four years working in Thailand in the sales and marketing department of Toyota's Lexus luxury auto brand.

Speaking Japanese, English,Thai, and some Chinese.
Maintains web sites about Thai stock investment information.

Specializes in Thai market analysis, explaining Thai equities information to Japanese, consulting with Thai businesses and bringing together Japanese and Thai businesses.